RUNit > Credits

'thank you so much i'm greatly indebted to you'


I wanna thank the following people

(ordered by hat size)

Sonja Matus for using RUNit since the first release,
for felix, and for making my life wonderful each day
Michael Matus for all the windows programming books I stole from his library
Fred Roemer,
Jim McClelland,
Falk Stricker,
Martijn van der Kooij,
Norbert Witternigg
and Mike Gauthier
for beta-testing the 2.0 version
Amihai Yacobbi for beta-testing the 2.0 version and sending me that nice picture
Anke Weber for giving me valuable insights into the english language
Felix Hoeller for explaining the ComponentObjectModel
(the IShellLink interface in particular) to me



and I wanna apologize to everyone I forgot to mention here
(especially Bill G. and Gerhard Sandbichler)