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the RUNit.ini file
'for the ones that are never satisfied - guys like you Martijn'


there are a few things, that I didn't find worth putting in the options dialog, because only a few people requested them...

you can change the following things by editing your RUNit.INI (located in your Windows directory):

  1. turn off the automatic top and bottom separator
  2. use standard menu appearance (no icons, just text - like the 1.x versions) in case you are really low in resources
  3. change the default library for the ChangeIconDialog from Shell32.dll to a userdefined file
  4. access RUNit system menu by left click in "hot area"
    (due to complaints from users of version 1.1)
  5. enter god mode (infinite lives, power, weapons..)

that's the way to do it:

in the [options] section create the following keys

  1. no top-bottom seps=1
  2. old-style=1
  3. symbol lib="the path to a file of your choice"
    (should contain icons...)
  4. left mouse Setup=1
  5. god mode=1