on this page you can download the source code for the latest version of RUNit.
It is published under the terms of the MLXGPL (MagisterLeX Generous Public License)
which is based on the GNU General Public License with the following extensions:

1. You MUST NOT laugh at the poor coding style.
  1a. if you have to laugh then at least make sure there's no witness.
2. If you make big bucks with my code or part of my code, 
   you have to send birthday presents (with a value not less then USD 15) to my children,
   each year you make big bucks.
  2a. my cildrens birthdays are as follows. 
       Felix: August 6.
       Gina:  April 25.
       Paul:  May 3.
  2b. I may or may not get more children in the future, 
      if so then you also have to send birthday presents to these - 
      I will keep you informed on this page.
    2bI. I may or may not decide not to keep you informed about my future children 
         on this page, probably I will not - it's none of your business anyway - 
	     who do you think you are to sniff around in my family life?

I agree I disagree