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the Options Dialog


you can access the options dialog by clicking the options button in the setup dialog.
You can also access the options dialog by pressing 'o' on your keyboard
whenever the "RUNit launch menu" is visible (NEW in version 2.0.1).

fig. 1: the RUNit Options dialog
(click an item to see its description)


the upper half of the dialog defines the appearance of the "launch-menu".

  • decide if you wanna have icons displayed in the RUNit launch-menu
  • toggle between small (16x16) and large (32x32) icons
  • choose the font used in the launch-menu
  • decide how selected items in the RUNit launch-menu are displayed
  • see an immediate preview of your settings

the lower half is somehow more useful...

  • select the border of the screen where a right mouse click will open the RUNit menu in "border mode"
  • select "whole screen mode" - and the modifier key you have to press simultaneously with clicking the right mouse button
  • select "keyboard mode" - makes the RUNit launch-menu appear by pressing CRTL-SHIFT simultaneously
  • decide if you wanna have the RUNit system menu by doing the CRTL-SHIFT-right click
  • decide if the item "SETUP RUNit" appears in the RUNit launch-menu, and its position, if so
  • toggle tray icon
  • close the Dialog and save any changes you have made