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the Setup Dialog


According to your settings in the options dialog you can access the setup dialog
by choosing setup from the RUNit taskbar icon,
the "RUNit- launch menu" or by doing the "CRTL-SHIFT-RIGHT MOUSE click".

You can also access the setup dialog by pressing 's' on your keyboard
whenever the "RUNit launch menu" is visible (NEW in version 2.0.1).

fig. 1: the Setup RUNit dialog
(click an item to see its description)



  • exit the program by choosing "Exit RUNit" from the menu
  • display the help menu by choosing "Help" from the menu
  • select an entry from the listbox
  • change the name of the selected item that appears in the RUNit launch menu in the Title editcontrol
  • change the path of the selected item in the Path editcontrol
  • choose the working directory directory for the selected item in the Start in editcontrol
  • choose the window opening mode of the selected item in the Run dropdown list
  • change the icon for the selected item that appears in the "RUNit launch menu"
    by clicking the button that displays the current icon
    (if nothing happens after you clicked that button click here)
  • click Add/Remove to add/remove an entry to/from the list
  • click Add SEPARATOR to add a separator to the "RUNit launch menu"
  • click the up or down button to change the positition of the selected entry in the RUNit launch-menu
  • click the Options button to open the Options dialog
  • close the dialog and save any changes you have made

(depending on the type of file selected Start in and Run may not be available)


a few things that needs to be mentioned:

  • there is no cancel button, so you have to know what you are doing
  • to add a file, you can also just DRAG'N DROP it to the list from explorer
    or from the desktop (or from the startmenu if you are using Windows 98)
  • you can pass commandline arguments in the Path editcontrol by separating
    them from the path by an asterisk.

    for example:

    ... depending on your codepage.